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Why You Need To Go To Dishoom For Breakfast

I didn’t wake up thinking I wanted some kind of curry for breakfast, in fact I never wake up wanting anything curry based to start the day however a few hours after waking when it comes to more of a brunch time I could see myself starting to enjoy the idea of curry in the late morning.

Sunday mornings for me are mainly about lazy brunches and so me and the girlfriend decided to pop along to Dishoom, one of our favourite restaurants to try out the breakfast/brunch offerings we were a little excited.

What we ate

The Bacon Naan Roll

Dishoom Bacon Naan

Who doesn’t love a good bacon sandwich (excluding veggies/vegans), well we both do and combining it with a naan in my head sounded like it could be something pretty excellent and I wasn’t disappointed. The smoked dry cured (5 days) streaky bacon which is then smoked over oak chips is perfectly crispy and served within one of their naans which if you’ve had before are spot on, accompanied by cream cheese, coriander and chilli tomato jam, a must try!


Yes we weren’t sure how to pronounce it as well but this dish is essentially two friend eggs on chilli cheese toast, a good combination but we both actually preferred to take the eggs off and enjoy it separately!

Breakfast at Dishoom

Bun Maska

We opted for one of these, which is a bun that is toasted and has a thick slice of butter on the inside, severed with a glass of spicy chai for you to dip it in, for me personally I wasn’t too bowled over by it but my partner loved it.


We also went for two sides, grilled tomatoes & masala beans, the tomatoes were as you’d expect but I fell in love with the masala beans, a great mix up of traditional beans you’d get with breakfast, highly recommended by myself.

Chilli Cheese on Toast

Why you need to go for breakfast

We are keen foodies but we also know you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great food, that’s why we love Dishoom as it’s some of the best food (in our opinions) that you can get in the capital and it’ll cost you no more than most restaurants you find on your local highstreet.

The breakfast is a refreshing change than your typical offerings, sure you can still get eggs but the spice that is added is never overpowering and is the perfect way to mix up your morning meal. They know exactly what works and they put together an exciting menu which you’ll struggle to pick from, we do recommend the bacon naan roll as it mixes two things we all love together in a way that is delicious.

Dishoom Bar

How much?

You expect to pay a fair amount for such high quality food but we always leave Dishoom feeling like we got ourselves a bargain as well as having amazing food, all of the above along with another spicy chai cost us just under £22, which at £11 per person is a bargain for such great food in our eyes.


Breakfast/Brunch is served from 8am-11.45am at week days and from 9am-11.45am at the weekend. You’ll find after this is turns to it’s normal menu which we also love and have eaten here many a time.


Dishoom have four locations, Shoreditch, Kings Cross, Carnaby and Covent Garden.




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