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20 Mac n Cheese You Need To Eat In London Now

1. Dirty Bones


Why have mac n cheese on it’s own when you can have it a big juicey burger? Well that’s exactly what the guys at Dirty Bones did, We’ve tried it and it lives up to the hype!

2. The Mac Factory


Made freshly in front of you in Camden Lock market it tastes incredible and with a variety of combinations to pick from including the popular ‘Big Smoke’ which features smoked chicken, roasted peppers and apple wood smoke cheddar

4. Hawksmoor

It's just Mac n Cheese. Nothing to see here.

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More widely known for it’s top notch steak, you must not miss out on the mac n cheese, it’s seriously delicious, packed full of lobster (no extra charges for the lobster) and well you just need to try it okay!

5. Spuntino

If you want some pure mac n cheese then you need to head to this place, the mac n cheese is so cheesy, tender and has a beautiful crust on it, you can really enjoy the beauty of the dish here!

6. 34 Restaurant


If money isn’t an issue then head across to Mayfair and hit up the 34 restaurant, you’ll be able to get the lobster and black truffle mac n cheese, priced at £32 per dish is it worth it? Well lets just say it tastes incredible, you might just have it once but you’ll remember it forever.

7. Meat Market


These guys are well known for burgers but they also do some utterly irresistible mac n cheese bites, I’ve been known to actually pop in and order just them after I’d just eaten at another restaurant!

9.  Grill My Cheese

Regram from @3kindsofice – check out our story on their app! Back in a few weeks on Leather Lane

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Another place to try it in a toastie, it works, it’ll blow your mind, you’ll probably want to have it everyday and best of all it makes it easy to walk and eat your mac n cheese.

13. Joe’s Southern Table


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The mac n cheese comes in two sizes, either as a side for about £4 or as a main for £12, if you’re a mac addict then go for the full size but for most of us mere fans you’ll be pretty happy with the side dish.  It’s creamy, has a combo of 4 different cheese within it and has a decent crust on top.

16. Bumpkin

Our mac 'n' cheese – guaranteed to make you say "oh my."

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A delicious hot pan full of melt in the mouth mac n cheese, as near to perfection as one wants when it comes to our favourite dish.

12. The Diner


An American diner so you can expect decent portions, thick milkshakes, great burgers and for those in need of a quick mac n cheese hit, the Diner is well worth a visit, it’s creamy, rich and best of all you can add stuff to the top like pulled pork!

18. Evans & Peel


You’ll be a happy mac ‘n’ cheese fan after tasting this one but to get in you’ll have to turn up with a good story to get into this ‘detective agency’

11. Pizza East


You might well have had a pizza at one of the branches or you may just have heard of it, whatever you do when you turn up make sure you order a side of mac n cheese, you know you’ll enjoy it more than the main even though the pizzas there are fantastic.

17. Bob Bob Ricard

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Most famous for it’s “press for champagne” buttons that sit by your table you’ll not only be pleased with the ease at which you can get a bottle of bubbly but when you order the mac n cheese you’ll find that it’s damn tasty, packed with lobster and only costs £25, which is a little cheaper than the most expensive one on our site.

13. The Blind Pig

This is my go to recommendation when someone says where’s the best place to get mac n cheese in London, you’ll be surprised to see it’s more of a bar then a restaurant and is known for it’s great cocktails. But fear not, you can order mac n cheese and it’s only around £6, which for the oozing cheese, perfect crust and overall taste mean it scores top marks.

20. Balthazar


We recently wrote about this place in our London’s best breakfast post but if you’re hear anytime from midday, actually who are we kidding, if you are here at any time then make sure you order the mac n cheese, as it’s a French brasserie they know their cheeses and they know how to make a mac n cheese!

8. Ma Plucker

We love mac n cheese, but the guys at Ma Plucker known for their fried chicken do what they do best and make a delicious friend mac n cheese, if you’re near this place go in, sit down, order this and enjoy.

21. Tom’s Kitchen

Sometimes we just want a simple, classic mac n cheese. When we do, we heard to Tom’s Kitchen, they make it with gruyere, parmesan and cream. This classic is a taste sensation, but add a £1 and you can have the version which is cooked on a black truffle base and then drizzled with white truffle oil, you’re mouth won’t know what’s hit it.

22. Riding House Cafe


A unique take from this cafe as they make a wonderful mac n cheese fritter,  well worth a try especially if you’ve not had any kind of fried mac n cheese before.

20. Melt Room

Do you love toasties? Do you love mac n cheese? If the answer to those two questions are both yes then you need to go and get a mac n cheese toastie.

23. Jackson & Rye

Kale goes great on everything. It's gotta be one of my favourite vegetables now.

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We keep hearing about people chirping on about kale, the superfood to keep you healthy, well if that is the case then mac n cheese from here topped with kale is good for us!

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